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Hino DX2 + activator KEYGEN

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Hino DX2 + activator KEYGEN


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  • 4. HINO DX2 Troubleshooting
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KEEP all files in the same DIR (DO NOT MOVE THEN)!

1) Before Installing, Hino DX2 you must switch-off internet connection or add to hosts file located in
C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts (edit with notepad or similar) follow strings: hinogsps.com http://hinogsps.com https://hinogsps.com

In Firewall Block HinoDX.exe

2) Install Hino DX2.

3) Open the Run First.exe file (run as administrator) It will walk you through making the lic file for the activator,
press Get Hino KG Key button, next copy code from the window (select and press ctrl+c keys) and close it.
Next put your new code in the big textbox and fill out your info, this will make your lic file you need (regkey.dat),
press GO! button and close it (don't close First.exe app because it will close itself).

4) Run the Activator.exe (run as administrator), press the ACTIVATE button on the program and close it.
After that you may need to reboot your computer so that Hino will read the new data in it's database.

5) Start program from shortcut, login details:

Username = HINO
Password = HINO

Hino DX2 diagnostic program for trucks Hino (Diagnosis, Customization, Reprogramming, Simulation)
- US markets, Japan, Russia and others
The program runs on any Windows.
BENEFITS TO HINO DX I Low speed HINO DX I in contact with large amounts of data, failure to extend the functionality of the software led to the need to develop a new diagnostic system.
From 2015 to diagnose HINO vehicles introduced to the work of the next generation system
- HINO Diagnostic eXplorer II (HINO DX II) ON THE ACTIVATION and updates to the PM !!!

Hino Explorer Diagnostic diagnostic software for Hino Trucks
The HINO Diagnostic eXplorer (hereafter referred to as HINO DX) is a tool equipped with all the functions needed to diagnose trouble, check functions, and configure the settings of the electronic systems built into HINO engines.

Main Functions
Acquires and deletes trouble data.
Links diagnostic trouble codes read from the ECU to corresponding diagnostic work flow sequences and directly displays the required data.
Obtains sensor conditions from the vehicle when trouble occurs (Freeze Frame function).
Monitors the sensors and actuators equipped on the engine (Data Monitor function) and tests the operation of solenoid valves by forcefully operating them (Active Test function).
Simulates diagnostic work with only a PC(Simulation function).
Automatically saves fetched ECU data and analyzes trouble based on the saved data even when the cause of trouble cannot be grasped.

Full Customization Capability
* Turn on Engine Protection Shutdown System
* Set Maximum Vehicle Speed
* Set Maximum Cruise Control Speed
* Set PTO idle speeds fixed and variable
* Change Injector Calibration QR Code when replacing injectors
* Supply Pump relearning when replacing SCV or supply pump
* Complete DPF testing and regeneration capabillity
* Built in Help Menus for troubleshooting specific diagnostics


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