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BMW ISTA-D Rheingold 4.37


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BMW ISTA-D Rheingold 4.37

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BMW ISTA-D Rheingold 4.37

Release Year/Date : 2022
Version : 4.37
System Requirements : Windows 10 x64 (Windows 7/8 is not supported)
Interface Language : English, German
Tablet : None

File Size : 119.23 GB
Description: STA-D is a dealer software designed to diagnose cars of all Exx and Fxx series. This software has replaced the outdated diagnostic dealer software called DIS. In general, like the ISTA-P software, which replaced the SSS Progman software. Both programs work with ICOM adapter - a full-featured ICOM-ABC autoscanner, which provides connection to car models that were produced earlier. There are versions of the ISTA-D software equipped with built-in emulation of the ICOM autoscanner, thanks to which this software can be operated together with the ENET interface to perform diagnostics on BMW Fxx series cars, as well as in conjunction with the DCAN autoscanner to work with Exx series cars. It is not known for certain, but rather doubtful,





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