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VCDS 24.5.0 + VIIPlusLoader 08.024.05

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VCDS 24.5.0 + VIIPlusLoader 08.024.05

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VCDS 24.5.0 + VIIPlusLoader 08.024.05


VCDS 24.5.0 En

Date of Release : 2024.04.29
Version : 24.5.0
System requirements : Windows 7,8,10,11
Interface language : English

How to install VCDS in the PC

a. Please download VCDS software from the link given in the attached txt file or from the official website.
b. Turn off antivirus such as AVG, McAfee, etc.
c. Disable Windows Defender
d. Block vcds on the firewall (PC firewall is not turned off).

Installation Guide:

1. Install VCDS-Release-24.5.0-Installer.exe Step by Step.
2. After installation was successful, please do not run the vcds software and delete the shortcuts for the computer desktop VCDS version.
3. Install program VIIPlusLoader 08.025.05 once downloaded which will create the shortcut (VIIPlusLoader) to your desktop.
4. Connect the cable to the USB port on the laptop/PC.
5. Run VIIPlusLoader by clicking on the desktop shortcut. Click on Start VCDS from the Loader screen. When connected for the first time, the cable firmware will get updated.
5. Close all vcds software, plug cable in your car, and again run VIIPlusLoader, click on Start VCDS from the loader screen and you can now proceed further.





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