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BMW Inpa Diagnosis, coding, programming (6.2)


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BMW Inpa Diagnosis, coding, programming (6.2)

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BMW Inpa Diagnosis, coding, programming (6.2)



Release Year/Date : 1990-2023
Version : 7.1
System requirements : Windows 64bit
Interface language : English + Russian
Tablet : cured
Description: Until recently, the BMW Inpa/Ediabas engineering complex was used by the personnel of all departments and branches of the BMW concern for the development, debugging and testing of electronic control units for all cars produced by the concern. In addition to engineering functions, the complex also has comprehensive diagnostic capabilities. Due to its original purpose, the scanner provides access to any car ECU. Functions for reading real-time parameters and testing actuators allow you to check the correct operation of any control, be it a button or a potentiometer. If desired, you can monitor the position of each air damper of the climate control unit or adjust the volume of the radio using a personal computer connected via the diagnostic connector.
Reading fault codes;
Removing fault codes;
Reading real-time parameters;
Reading the contents of the ECU memory;
Control of compliance of VIN codes and vehicle mileage in the memory of various ECUs;
ECU coding;
Activation of executive mechanisms;
Emulation of the work of various ECUs;
Activation / deactivation of engineering functions.






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