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PIWIS 41.400 + 38.250 + CODING W10


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PIWIS 41.400 + 38.250 + CODING W10

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PIWIS 41.400 + 38.250 + CODING W10 

SIZE : 172.13GB



🌏Porsche PIWIS TESTER 3 is an original diagnostic tool for professional diagnostics and programming of electronic control units of Porsche cars.

📺The main functions of Porsche PIWIS TESTER and the advantages of this assembly:

✅New versions of Porsche Piwis Tester (41.100, 41.300, 41.400, 41.500);
✅Full FAP diagnostic protocol;
✅Full electronic circuits of Porsche cars;
✅Reading, decoding, deleting fault codes;
✅Reset service intervals;
✅ View and save the stream of current data;
✅View freeze frames of faults;
✅Tests of actuators and electronic units;
✅Guided troubleshooting for 2021 (Online and Offline);
✅Adaptation and coding of electronic units and components of the car;
✅Activation / deactivation of components, as well as hidden auto functions;
✅ Retrofitting of cars, automatic and manual coding of new elements;
✅ Removing protection of components (requires online access to PPN);
✅ Software update of electronic control units, firmware (included);
✅Programming the immobilizer and keys (requires online access to PPN);
✅ View wiring diagrams of Porsche cars;
✅PPN Online support;
✅Coding and programming Taycan and Cayenne E3;
✅ Supports cars up to 2023;
✅ Engineering mode for programming electronic control units;
✅Full driver pack for any PC (there is no need to search for drivers specifically for your PC);
✅ PETKA 2022 is integrated into the image file with free online updating of spare parts catalogs and price lists.
✅There is access to the desktop (when the Porsche PIWIS TESTER 3 program is completed, the computer does not turn off);
✅Updated firmware for E2 and E3 body;
✅The most complete version of the original (image size over 110 GB, system size over 200 GB);
✅Added updates and firmware base for E2, E3, Taycan, Macan, Cajun, 992, 918S, etc.
✅Updated Diagnostic Functions and PTTD for E2, E3, Taycan, Macan, Cajun, 992, 970, 971, 918S, 981, 911, etc.;
✅Support Online update Porsche PIWIS TESTER;
✅Base of firmware and claims included;
✅Supports languages - IT, RU, ES, JP, PR, NL, DE, GB, US, ZH;
✅Added manual for Porsche cars and repair manual;
💯 Can work with original adapter VAS 6154 or VAS 6154A;
✅A profitable investment.🏆





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