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ECUsafe 2.0 DPF FAP EGR AGR Speed limiter Remove




SoftWare Ecu Safe 2.0 Delete EGR FAP DPF System Remove SpeedLimit AdBlue ECUsafe

 Use ECUsafe 2.0 Functions:

remove / delete / cleaner EGR and DPF / FAP system

 How to Use ECUsafe 2.0:

Open the Original ECU file that you want to modify, select the

brands car family, Press the button “Decode file”

and save the modified file


ECUsafe 2.0 Support Vehicle List:

Alfa Romeo:

Alfa Romeo Bosch EDC15

Alfa Romeo Bosch EDC16

Alfa Romeo Bosch EDC17

Alfa Romeo Bosch Marelli MJD


Audi Bosch MED9,ME7

Audi Bosch EDC 16

Audi Bosch EDC17

Audi Siemens PPD

Audi MED17


BMW Bosch EDC16

BMW Bosch EDC17


Chevrolet Bosch EDC16

Chevrolet Bosch EDC17


Citroen Bosch EDC15

Citroen Bosch EDC16

Citroen Bosch EDC17

Citroen Siemens SID

Citroen Delphi DCM3x





Fiat Bosch EDC15

Fiat Bosch EDC16

Fiat Bosch EDC17

Fiat Marelli MJD


Ford Bosch ME9

Ford Bosch EDC16

Ford Siemens SID


Honda Bosch EDC16


Hyundai Bosch EDC16

Hyundai Bosch EDC17


Iveco Bosch EDC15

Iveco Bosch EDC16

Iveco Bosch EDC17


Jaguar Bosch ME9

Jaguar Bosch EDC16

Jaguar Siemens SID


KIA Bosch EDC16

KIA Bosch EDC17


Lancia Bosch EDC15

Lancia Bosch EDC16

Lancia Bosch EDC17

Lancia Mareli MJD

 Land Rover:

Land Rover Bosch ME9

Land Rover Bosch EDC16

Land Rover Siemens SID


Mazda Bosch EDC16

Mazda Siemens SID


Mercedes Bosch EDC16

Mercedes Bosch EDC17

Mercedes Bosch Gasoline


Mini Bosch EDC16

Mini Bosch EDC17


Mitsubishi Bosch EDC16


Nissan Bosch EDC16


Opel Bosch EDC16

Opel Bosch EDC17


Peugeot Bosch EDC15

Peugeot Bosch EDC16

Peugeot Bosch EDC17

Peugeot Siemens SID

Peugeot Delphi DCM3x


Renault Bosch EDC16

Renault Siemens SID


Saab Bosch EDC16

Saab Bosch EDC17


Scania XPI,HPI


Seat Bosch MED9,ME7

Seat Bosch EDC16

Seat Bosch EDC16

Seat Siemens PPD

Seat MED17


Skoda Bosch MED9,ME7

Skoda Bosch EDC16

Skoda Bosch EDC17

Skoda Siemens PPD

Skoda MED17


Smart Bosch EDC16

Smart Bosch EDC17

Smart Bosch Gasoline


Suzuki Bosch EDC16


Volkswagen Bosch MED9,ME7

Volkswagen Bosch EDC16

Volkswagen Bosch EDC17

Volkswagen Siemens PPD

Volkswagen MED17


Volvo Bosch ME9

Volvo Bosch EDC16

Volvo Bosch EDC17

Volvo Siemens SID



ECUsafe 2.0 Feedback:

DPF removal Ford/Jaguar/Honda/Volvo/Mazda

EDC17, EDC16 / Siemens SID, Honda EDC16, Mazda EDC16

Actual support: EDC16 & Siemens SID. All engines with FAP from brands listed above.


DPF removal BMW/Mini

Diesel particulate filter (DPF) removal in BMW / Mini EDC17  EDC16 engines.

All types/sizes engines supported.

DPF removal Mercedes

Diesel particulate filter (DPF) removal in Mercedes EDC17 and EDC16 engines.

All types/sizes of engines supported.

DPF removal Kia / Hyundai / Suzuki

Diesel particulate filter (DPF) removal Kia / Hyundai EDC17 and EDC16 engines and Suzuki EDC16.

All types/sizes of engines supported (AND Kia 2010 engines).

DPF removal Fiat, Opel Marelli MJD

Diesel particulate filter (DPF) removal in Fiat, Opel Marelli MJD (1.3 engines)

Adblue control/reduction Scania / (DAF in prep)

Adblue removal/consumption control Scania (engines with Adblue) and DAF (engines with Adblue).

speed limit removal/control (Bosch, Siemens, Visteon, Delphi, Denso, Delco)

Can remove speed limit from MOST EDC16, MED9, EDC17 ECUs,

Mustang/Shelby/F250/F150, American imports, trucks like DAF XF105, Scania HPI.


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