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WinOLS Chip Tuning Video Course Vag Ecu Map

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WinOLS Chip Tuning Video Course Vag Ecu Map

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WinOLS Chip Tuning Video Course Vag Ecu Map 20210719





  1.  Winols intro wm.avi
  2.  Winols understanding ecu maps 7 N75_ map wm.avi
  3.  Comparing pd 130bhp maps with pd 150 bhp maps 3 torque limit wm.avi
  4.  Comparing pd 130bhp maps with pd 150 bhp maps 4 I.avi
  5.  Comparing pd 130bhp maps with pd 150 bhp maps 5 boost map wm.avi
  6.  Comparing pd 130bhp maps with pd 150 bhp maps 6 boost limite wm.avi
  7.  Comparing pd 130bhp maps with pd 150 bhp maps 10 Start Of In wm.avi
  8.  Basic remapping 2 drivers wish wm.avi
  9.  Basic remapping 4 Boost map wm.avi
  10.  Basic remapping 4 Boost map wm.avi
  11. Basic remapping 7 Torque map wm.avi
  12. Basic remapping 9 Start of Injection wm.avi
  13.  EDC15 Idle speed maps and adjustments wm.avi
  14.  EDC15 Idle speed maps and adjustments wm.avi
  15.  Fault code changes 3 EGR example.avi
  16.  Finding edc16 maps 1 drivers wish.avi
  17.  Finding edc16 maps 2 EGR.avi
  18.  Finding edc16 maps 3 Torque limiter.avi
  19.  Finding edc16 maps 4 Smoke maps (IQ limiters).avi
  20.  Finding edc16 maps 5 lamda p1.avi
  21. Finding edc16 maps 6 lambda p2.avi
  22. Finding edc16 maps 7 Torque to Injected Quantity converter.avi
  23.  Finding edc16 maps 8 Boost map.avi
  24.  Finding edc16 maps 9 Boost limiter
  25. Finding edc16 maps 10 Single Value Boost Limit (SVBL).avi
  26.  Finding edc16 maps 11 N75 duty cycle.avi
  27. Finding edc16 maps 12 Duration maps.avi
  28.  Finding edc16 maps 13 Duration selector.avi
  29.  Finding edc16 maps 14 Start of Injection maps (SOI).avi
  30.  Finding edc16 maps 15 Start of Injection selector.avi
  31.  Finding edc16 maps 16 Start of Injection Limiter.avi
  32.  Understanding EDC16 fueling p1.avi
  33. Understanding EDC16 fueling p2.avi
  34.  Understanding EDC16 fueling p3.avi
  35. Understanding EDC16 fueling p4.avi
  36. EDC16 fueling p5.avi
  37.  Understanding EDC16 fueling p6.avi
  38.  Basic remapping edc16 1 drivers wish.avi
  39. 224Basic remapping edc16 2 Disable EGR using EGR hysteresis maps.avi
  40. Basic remapping edc16 2 egr maps.avi
  41. Basic remapping edc16 3 Torque to IQ conversion map.avi
  42. Basic remapping edc16 4 IQ limit by air pressure (MAP).avi
  43. Basic remapping edc16 5 Boost maps.avi
  44. Basic remapping edc16 6 Boost limiting map.avi
  45. Basic remapping edc16 7 Single VAlue Boost Limit (SVBL).avi
  46. Basic remapping edc16 8 Torque limiting map.avi
  47. Basic remapping edc16 9 IQ limit by air pressure (MAP) P2.avi
  48.  Basic remapping edc16 10 IQ limit by Lambda value.avi
  49. Basic remapping edc16 11 Duration  for increase IQ.avi
  50. Basic remapping edc16 12 Start of Injection changes.avi
  51. Basic remapping edc16 13 Start of Injection dynamic timing.avi
  52. Fault codes in edc16 p1 Intro wm.avi
  53. Fault codes in edc16 p2 Defining P-code table wm.avi
  54. Fault codes in edc16 p3 Defining VAG- code table wm.avi
  55. Fault codes in edc16 p4 Defining Fault path table wm.avi
  56. Fault codes in edc16 p5 Deleting faults wm.avi
  57. Finding Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) switch in edc16 file wm.avi
  58. edc17 error code delete p1 wm.avi
  59. swirl flap delete edc17 p1 wm.avi
  60. winols compare file function p1 wm.avi
  61. winols compare file function p2 wm.avi

HOW TO DOWNLOAD 👉 https://lymuna.org/articles.html/


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