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Stage 2 Power Re-map

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I would like to request a stage 2 power remap if at all possible, for a 2017 explorer 3.5 (Ti-VCT). 

Thank you in advance, and I'm not quite sure which file will help the best, but you can use the 2015 bin to work with as that file and my 2017 are the same as long as the numbers match. The SWPN HB5A is the original stock file, and I could not get the FL3A-12B684-BEB HWPN to download for some reason. FInally, the ECM MODULE PN is another file that I could not get to download for some reason, that number is GB5A-12A650-BZA, finally the ECM COMM number is, CAN-IS014229, thank you and have a great day!


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