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Mazda EPC Euro 02.2020 v4

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Mazda EPC Euro 02.2020 v4

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Mazda EPC Euro 02.2020 v4

Year/Date of Release : 02.2020
Developer : Mazda Motor Corporation
Developer website :

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Interface language : English, Russian
Tablet : not required
Description : Mazda EPC Europe (Electronic parts catalog) 02.2020
Electronic catalog of Mazda spare parts for cars in the Europe region 02.2020
The basis is a program found on the Internet (main program) and a distribution from a friend archimail (Local data)
Main advantages:
1. No hassles with mounting disk images
2. Smaller size as a result of file compression
3. The distribution includes the VinChecker program for checking VIN from the spare parts catalog, you can make sure that the desired car is in the catalog without downloading the main program
4. Local data is integrated
5. Added manifest to display programs in the style of Windows XP
6. The configuration file MAZEPC.INI is now located in the program folder, Mazda EPC does not conflict with other versions of EPC
7. Translation into Russian of the main program, main help and configuration programs
8. Different Mazda EPCs now can work simultaneously (BDE conflict eliminated)









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