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Navitel: Official maps release Q1 2023 v9

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Navitel: Official maps release Q1 2023 v9

Navitel: Official maps release Q1 2023 v9


• This is the first update in 2023. Therefore, they write Q1 2023
• They were released to the public on 03/29/2023.
• Maps for Navitel are updated 3 times a year.
• Up-to-date maps for the Navitel program
• There is a map of Crimea: in the full map of Russia, in the map of Ukraine, in the map of the Southern Federal District
• Abkhazia is part of the map of Georgia.
• There are 2 maps of Ukraine in the release (ukr20230329_v9.nm7 and ukr20230328_v9.nm7, one is bigger, the other one is smaller).
• The keys are present in the distribution, thanks to the guys infinitas and naviHaRpY from 4pna.com
Add. Information :
1. Only for versions 9.13 and above.
2. For the program to open new map releases, a NEW (different, updated) activation KEY is REQUIRED.
With a key from previous releases, maps will not open.
3. The key for the card / s, and the program is cured.
Here is the missing map of Serbia

This is the hidden content, please

List of countries
Overview map of the world:
- earth

- rus

Federal districts of Russia:
Far Eastern - dvfo
Volga - pvfo
Northwestern - szfo
North Caucasian - skfo
Siberian - sibfo
Ural - urfo
Central - cfo
Southern - ufo

Kazakhstan - kaz
Azerbaijan - aze
Armenia - arm
Georgia - geo
Vietnam - vnm
India - ind
Iran - irn
Kyrgyzstan - kgz
Maldives - mdv
Mongolia - mng Pakistan
- pak
Tajikistan - tjk
Turkey - tur
Uzbekistan - uzb
Philippines - phl

Ukraine - ukr
Belarus - blr
Austria - aut
Albania - alb
Belgium, Luxembourg - bel
Bulgaria - bgr
Bosnia and Herzegovina - bih
Great Britain, Isle of Man - uk Hungary -
Germany - deu
Greece - grc
Denmark - dnk
Iceland - isl
Spain, Gibraltar, Andorra - esp
Italy, Malta, San Marino, Vatican City - ita Cyprus -
Latvia - lva
Lithuania - ltu
Macedonia - mkd
Moldova - mda
Netherlands - nld
Norway - nor
Poland - pol
Portugal - prt
Romania - rou
Serbia - srb
Slovakia - svk
Slovenia - svn
Finland - fin
France, Monaco - fra
Croatia - hrv
Montenegro - mne
Czech Republic - cze
Switzerland, Liechtenstein - che
Sweden - swe
Estonia - est

Latin America:
Argentina - arg
Brazil - bra
Colombia - col
Mexico - mex
Peru - per

Installation description

Copy the necessary files to the NavitelContent/Maps/ directory, replace the key in the Navitel and NavitelContent/License folder. After starting the program, the maps will be indexed.





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