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Mercedes-Benz WIS/ASRA 2022/11 + KEYGEN

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Mercedes-Benz WIS/ASRA 2022/11 + KEYGEN

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Mercedes-Benz WIS/ASRA 2022/11 + KEYGEN

Release Year/Date : 11/2022
Version : 3.73

Size 20.27 GB
System requirements : Windows 7-10 x64 x86
Interface language : Multilingual (Russian present)
Tablet : present
Description : Mercedes-Benz WIS/ASRA Information base for the repair of cars, trucks, buses Mercedes -Benz for European and American markets.

Add. Information : Attention! Demolishes EPC!!! In order not to demolish the EPC and there was no error updating the WIS databases, you need to run the EWA Admin Tool not the one that is installed on the computer, but the one that is on the disk with WIS and update only the databases (as in previous versions: through additional functionality) (updating is better put over 11 2018).







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