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Opel Combo z17dth Denso 512kb Stage 1 required


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Could anyone please help me?


I really need Opel Combo 1.7 CDTI Z17DTH 512KB DENSO ECU STAGE 1 remap bin file, to compare maps in Winols with Meriva A 1.7 CDTI 512KB DENSO ECU.


I cannot find required maps in Winols for my ECU to perform Stage 1 remap, I have posted my original ECU if you can help with stage 1 remap.


I can find over 300 potential maps in Winols but finding it very difficult to find correct map addresses for Drivers Wish Torque, Drivers Wish Request, Smoke Limitation Map, Injection quantity to torque map etc.


If anyone can help it would be truly appreciated, Thank you

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