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Description: bimmer-tool allows you to read and delete trouble codes, restore DPF, read engine parameters and much more in BMW cars.

It provides all the features of the Lite version and additionally allows you to:

- read DPF regeneration status and detailed information
- request DPF regeneration
- reset DPF adaptation values (required after filter change)
- read exhaust gas pressure
- read injector settings
- read actual and expected air mass, intake manifold pressure, fuel pressure
- record data to a CSV file for further analysis
- log battery replacement (without changing battery properties)
- reset lamp circuits blocked due to short circuit error
- reset service interval or oil change (for vehicles older than mid 2007, cable K+D- is required Can)

Supported OBD adapters
- K+D-Can USB: This is the recommended and most reliable adapter. You will also need a USB-OTG cable.
- ELM327 Bluetooth: Bluetooth connection may be slower than USB. Only original adapters based on ELM327 or PIC18 will work. It may not work with older engines. More details below.
- ELM327 WiFi: Like ELM, the Bluetooth connection may be less stable. Some devices require mobile data to be turned off in order to use the WiFi adapter.

Enjoy and 👇 download from the link

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