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OhNo! Diag for Renault - OBD2 1.3.3 APK


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OhNo! Diag for Renault - OBD2 1.3.3 APK

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OhNo! Diag for Renault - OBD2 1.3.3 APK



Reads and clears Renault Error Codes + WarningLights and View Sensors.

Supported models:
• Renault Mégane II
• Renault Scénic II
• Renault Clio II Ph2
• Renault Clio III
• Renault Laguna II Ph1
• Renault Laguna II Ph2
• Dacia/Renault Logan I
• Renault Modus I
• Renault Kangoo I

Some of our Features:
• Communicates with: Engine, Airbag, ABS, AT, UCH / BCM (BodyControl Module), UPC (Fuse box computer) and Many Other Modules tohelp you diagnose them.
• Reads the Module information and Error Codes to allow you to findout what the problem is.
• Clear the constantly on warning light.
• View the Sensor Values on many Modules, to accurately determineparts that are failing.
• Quicker and cheaper than going to dealers and specialists.
• Allow the home Mechanic or small Garage to do stuff that usuallyrequires expensive, complicated Car Diagnosis tools.
• Compatible with ELM327 OBD2 Bluetooth Tools or WiFiadapter.
• Free for first reported error codes on a module or upgrade to domore.

More models are in development all the time. If you don’t see yoursyet, rest assured we’re trying to get it in soon.

If you have any problems or want to discuss the app, visit our newforum at

This is the hidden content, please

Note that the Chinese ELM327 Bluetooth tools that are labelled v2.1have a serious design & manufacturing fault that makes it notpossible to use them with the app. If you are buying an adapterplease make sure that it is an ELM327 v1.5 or v1.4 Bluetoothadapter or WiFi adapter.

This app is not written, designed or supported by Renault S.A.S inany way. The authors do not have any connection with RenaultS.A.S.

HOW TO DOWNLOAD👉 https://lymuna.org/articles.html/


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